Activities in Auvergne

Auvergne is a big spaces region, incomparable sites, nature reserves and volcanos. Single region by its wild beauty and its diversity. Its volcanic massifs coast along the numerous valleys, the rivers, the plateaus with imposing panoramas and the majestic forests where faun and flora live harmoniously.

Practice activities on the spot

Bike, hikes, story of the village, table tennis, muscle building room, international festival of folklore each year in Gannat, initiation to the relaxation therapy.

Practice activities at less than half an hour driving

- Spas reputable (Chatel-Guyon, Vichy...)
- Thalassotherapy in Vichy.
- Amateurs of running water : rafting, canoeing
(sioule leasures : slopes from 11 to 25 kilometers).
- Bathing place, pedal boat on stretch of water
- Swimming-pool in Gannat, Vichy, Riom
- Golf : montpensier golf (18 holes, at 12 kilometers from the castle),
Saint-Pourcain golf (9 holes, at 30 kilometers),
sporting club of Vichy (18 holes, at 20 kilometers).
- Racecourse in Vichy,
- Velorail at 6 kilometers.
- Equestrian excursions (the jumenterie in Jensat).
- Baptism by plane.
- Parachute jumping.
- Historical discovery of Riom and Vichy.
- Vineyard of Saint-Pourcain on Sioule.
- Medieval village of Charroux, classified as one
of the most beautiful village in France.
- Randan castle (royal property).
- Path at the gour of Tazenat (volcanic lake).
- Trammel train to access to the summit of Puy de Dôme.
- Accrobranche in Vichy.

To visit in the surroundings

- European center of the volcanism : vulcania.
- Amusement park and animal keeper of Pal.
- The Puys of Auvergne line.
- Sioule valley.
- Ski resort of Super-Besse (at about 1h15 from St Genès).

To restore you

- In Gannat : the « Phrygénie » at 3 kilometers.
- In Cognac-Lyonne : "the Rencontre" at 10 kilometers.
- In Charroux : "the St Sébastien farm" at 12 kilometers.
- In Riom : "the mill of Villerose" at 20 kilometers.
- In Vichy : "L’Escargot qui tette", "Les Caudalies".
- "Décoret"(best worker in France).